Revisiting Reinvents Music 5 Years Later

It's the 5 year anniversary of our first EP SHAG "Reinvents Music" and a lot has changed since June 2016! We have played a ton of shows, released more music and made a ton of friends along the way. This EP was maybe not the best version of SHAG but it was the beginning of this band and our early days of recording songs in basements around Edmonton. There are parts of these songs that we all enjoy and we thought it was worthwhile to re-issue the EP along with some of the other recordings we did that year. Put it all together and it is a nice reflective experience of the band in the year 2016. We hope you enjoy revisiting Reinvents Music!

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Revisiting Reinvents Music Part 1

Our first ever real experience recording music outside of using our phones was with Darren at Flock Audio Inc. in early 2016. We had won YEG Music’s band of the month in March and scored a recording session for 1 song with Flock. We had narrowed it down to 2 songs and though Jess really pushed for “10 Million Thoughts” we went with “Me and Mine”. This became our first ever single and the first song on the EP.

Revisiting Reinvents Music Part 2

We recorded the big chunk of the EP in early 2016 at MacEwan University with Robert Back. Having little to no experience in a studio we jumped into a day session and recorded 5 songs; instrumental tracks off the floor and then recorded vocals on top of those. We had never played to a click before and we couldn’t figure it out that day either. So we said fuck it, we’re doing it live! Again, sadly for Jess “10 Million Thoughts” just missed the cut!

Revisiting Reinvents Music Part 3

An album release show was never really something that crossed our minds when we had the Reinvents Music EP ready to go. But we were set to play YEG Music’s first edition of their Summer Starter Festival in June 2016 so we decided to DIY some merch and burn some CD’s and play the festival as the “unofficial” album release show. Maybe one day those spray painted shirts will be worth something… likely not though.

Revisiting Reinvents Music Part 4

In late 2016 we hooked up with Garret at Renders Music to record a song for a competition. The song had to be about Alberta, so we slapped together a tune and recorded it in less than a month. That song turned out to be “Backbone” and it never really got a proper release. We included that tune plus a couple of live tunes we recorded with Garret back then too on the re-released EP!

Revisiting Reinvents Music Part 5

One more tune to revisit! Right around the same time we were recording Backbone we also recorded our tune “First Time” with Brian at BB Studio. This one also didn’t really have a release so it ended up on the re-released EP!

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