"If it's a Saturday night in Alberta and the stars align correctly, you'll find yourself at a SHAG show. Throwing everything they got, these four guys will make your beer taste and your date look better with their music."


- Chris Tarvuud (YEG Music)-

SHAG is a four piece rock band hailing from Edmonton

AB, but originally all four members are from a

rural Alberta town called Kitscoty. SHAG mixes all

of the bands musical influences into an upbeat rock

sound with catchy riffs, singable choruses and explosive guitar solos. The name

"SHAG" originated from the shag carpeted basement where Trevor, Jess and Travis first started jamming in the their early university years then Zack joined the group in late 2014 and added a whole new dimension to the band. SHAG started to hit the live local scene in Edmonton and surrounding area and built up their following and made some new local music pals. SHAG then recorded and released their first EP "SHAG Reinvent's Music" in May of 2016. SHAG RE-RELEASED the debut EP in June of 2021 including some un-released tunes recorded in 2016 sessions. 

SHAG recorded their first full length album "Thursday Night Special" at Royal Studio in Edmonton and released the album in June of 2018. The lead single "Do Better" gained popularity and scored some local radio airplay and the full album was well-received by fans and critics!

​Hooking up with Arnel again at Royal Studio, SHAG re-recorded a setlist staple and released a fan favourite in August of 2019... MEGALODON. Shortly following this, shag recorded an EP of brand new bangers. SHAG's follow up to 2018's "Thursday Night Special" picks up right where that one left off. The second EP released from the frozen prairies of Canada: "All Supply, No Demand" was released on October 17, 2019.

SHAG returned with a brand new Single "Lying Through Your Teeth Doesn't Count AS Flossing" on August 20, 2021. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Royal Studio. 


SHAG has shared the stage with other great Canadian bands like Captain Tractor, Current Swell, Altameda, Weaves and Girlfriend Material.


SHAG is:

Zack Kelly - Guitar & Vocals & Keys

Jess Robinson - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Trevor Gauthier - Drums & Vocals

Travis Piecharka - Bass & Vocals

Bro-Tel Festival (August 17, 2018)